Category: repair
Remove gearbox,replace clutch and dual mass flywheel with solid conversion, using ford , luk or other oe parts ,we do not fit the cheap conversions . £395 for 2001 to 2006 5 speed £420 2008 to 2012 5 speed £520 for 6 speed All plus vat 2013 onwards check for price
Front brake pads
Reference: F/PADS
Category: repair
Replace brake pads on Ford Transit ,2001 to present using ford parts ,transit brake pad fitted by sussex van sales All prices plus vat
Fuel injection pump
Category: repair
Replacement of fuel injection pump 2001 to 2006 using genuine Bosch reconditioned unit. The cheaper options do not last.
full service
Reference: SERVICE
Category: repair
major service on ford transit which includes all filters and fully synthetic oil (ford parts) sussex van sales
Rear brake pads
Reference: R/PADS
Category: repair
Replace rear brake on Ford Transit 2008 on. Using Ford parts. All prices plus vat
Category: repair
Remove front hub,cut out bearing ,pressing new bearing ,ford parts. Transit from 2001 to 2013 Pre 2006 £135 2006 to 2013 £165 all plus vat All prices plus vat